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By Ikigai, the literal meaning is why people want to wake up and live every day. It is a Japanese way of life which is believed to People who live life driven by Ikigai. Will have a long life.

The concept here is to want everyone to meet nature. and have private time to relieve stress from a heavy day The spa is located on the 3rd floor of the Craftsman Bangkok Hotel. There will be staff to welcome you. The 3rd floor will be a spa zone on the whole floor. Massage rooms are open to 4 rooms. You can come in a group style, as well as a couple. The spa will focus on natural lighting according to the concept. When entering the spa area, there will be a welcome drink (which changes according to the season).

The signature package here is Thai Oil Massage. The spa uses unscented oil on the back, arms, legs to reduce friction while rolling out the tension that has accumulated all day long. There is also an aromatherapy oil massage. Natural extracts, 3 scents, massage with hot compress Use heat to help relieve tension. and muscle pain Helps the circulatory system work well.

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